I love to read, and I read some great dogbooks since I started in purebred dogs in 2000.
So go to this list of books and read about the breed.....

Books about the breed, and the breedstandard, especially my breeds rough collie and borzoi, but also informational books on dogs in general,  great storybooks, like the ones of my favorite dog author Albert Payson Terhune, and books about breeding etc. you name it.
Every now and then I will post more books.

Go trough this page and watch my collection, and reviews on some great dogbooks.
Most of them about collies or borzoi, but certainly not all of them

Dogbreeding a guide to breeding an mating dogs

Rough collies of Distinction

The Flood fighters

The illustrated standard

Mooi, Mooier, Mooist

Mijn vriend Rik

The collie standard

Lara's Gift


Red Ruin


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