Passed my exam

The reason for my long absence on this blog, well it is pretty simple. This past year I did a study about Canine Knowledge, in the Netherlands it is called Kynologische Kennis 1 or KK1, 1 standing for part 1 because there is a part 2.

In the begining  I tought it wasn't that hard to do, but then as the subjects changed it got harder and harder.

The subjects in this study where the basics of cels, what is in a cel, what is a cel doing, stuff like that, and that went into genetics. (like Mendel) from the genetics it went onto breeding. So we needed to study the male and female parts what they where doing, and what kinds of hormones are active during all the stages of the season of the bitch and the whelping etc.

I was very happy it then went into breeds!!! We needed to learn about 300 registed FCI breeds from a picture, know what their FCI group was and what their Original purpose was. I loved this!!!! I go to so many shows so I only needed to focus on really unknown dogs to me, like the Bayerische Gebirg Sweishund. (yes I know that is a hard one)

And from that subject on it went into canine terms, most of those terms you find on written reports on dogshows, and I must say I'm happy we get those in the Netherlands, because of that I had it a little bit easier only focusing again on the terms that where more unknown to me.

So far so good!!!! about this time I tought I had it in my brains. But then we got nutrition, basics on health, general care for dogs, behaviour ( I don't like that) and rules and regulations concerning our Dutch Law and the Dutch Kennelclub.

It really was hard, and I even took days of to go learning.
The day of the exam was nerve wrecking, in the beginning we started out with 20 students but in the end there where only 4 of us taking the actual exam.

We started with breeds. 50 pictures on a big screen, and after 4 pictures I was confident enough I found it very easy and was so relieved. But then after a short break came the rest of the exam, all questions I had to anwer only right, or wrong. It was terrible, really. With the trial exam I was one of the first to finish, and now I was one of the last persons leaving the room.
I think I had some sort of a black out, all the questions seemed not to be related with my study at all.

And then we needed to wait, almost 6 weeks passed before we got an email.
I read it a few times before I realized I passed my exam!!!!!!! I was so extreme happy, but then again we had to wait for our diploma and our grades to arive in the mail.

Because it was so difficult I figured that my grades where ok, but not super. So I was really amazed when I got my grades.

Breedknowledge 9
Genetics 9
Nutrician 9
Breeding 10
behaviour 6 ( I knew that that was my least interesting part)
Terms 6
Health 9
General care/ regulations 7

I can be proud and hopefully I will go on with Canine knowledge part 2


  1. What do you do with these classes? Is it for a job?

    1. No it is to get basic knowledge on dogs. Our kennelclub Always wanted that breeders should do this studie before starting with breeding. But that doesn't seem to work. But it is also a start for becoming an FCI conformation Judge


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