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The Great Outdoors

That sounds cool, don't it? Well the wheatherforcast was so wicked this morning I actually didn't know what to do. This morning there was a lot of rain, and thunder and lightning, so I didn't expect it to be dry at all.
But when the morning went on, the rain started to clear up and the sun was starting to shine.
I only had to check on the tick radar, yes we do have a tick radar in the Netherlands, and it seemed it would be ok. So the forrest was the goal for today!!!! All the dogs love it and I hadn't been in the forest for a while.

The 4 oldest colliegirls where the Lucky ones. Why?? Well 3 of them are in season, and I wanted to give the young boy at home a little break. And for myself it is the easiest to go out with not more then 4 dogs at once, when I'm alone with no help.

I was totally covered tickproof as you can say, wellies on, longsleef fleece jacket, and it was soo hot, but the girls loved it.
We have been away for more then 2 hours, and when we arived ba…

Interactive Doggame

Doggames, I love them, and so do the doggies!!! Last year I bought this fun Yin-Yang looking game from a dogshow, I think it was Kortrijk Belgium, but I'm not sure.
This must be a easy to intermediate game, and in the first place I bought it for Vivien, who is a master in solving puzzles and problems!
Well actually Vivien loved this game, but today I gave it to the youngest twins.
Lucky was first to go, it is so awsome to see that they have so much fun and drive to get the cookies out. Lucky is the kind of dog that starts to jerk with his paw to get the puzzle to open. Star on the other hand tries to pull out the plastic blocks with her teeth.
Eather way it looks neet, and they both need about 4 to 5 minutes to get the puzzle open.

This game is I think from Outward Hound, but I'm not totally sure?? Ofcourse I trew away the box it came in, and I can't remember if it was expensive or not. I don't think it is very expensive, I like to spend money on this kind of things bu…

Wordless Wednesday, Happy National Dog Day

Judging trainee day, last year

I came across this picture today!! The funny things of Facebook nowadays, telling what you did previous year's, this pic is of last year,  it was exactly one year ago, that I took our Vivien to an event of our collieclub.
Nothing special?? Well, the day before we where at dogshow, and we didn't want to go to this event anyway, but with some pushing from several people I went anyway. I was told there would be some trainee judges, so It might be interesting to be there.
How could I know it would be a day for them to do a mini-judging, like on show.
My contact with other owners/breeders in the Netherlands is not very special, so I finally ended up talking to a Judge who was preparing the trainee's for the tryal exam.
She in some strange way got me on a list, got me a nr, and there I was with Vivien, we where in the tryal ourselves.

Vivien was not impressed, but I wasn't prepared for this, 2 trainee's needed to go over the dog, and wrote their report. While waiting for…

Albert Payson Terhune Stamp Project

Great initative from the Terhune Sunnybank Memorial!! They are collecting signs to convince the U.S Postal Stamp comitee that there must be a stamp to honour Albert Payson Terhune. This stamp should be in a series of American writers. And I think that he deserves this. He is ofcourse of big influence in collies, but also in his writing. Without Lad, we maybe wouldn't have Lassie. Because of his stories, alot of people wanted to buy a collie, and many breeders in the USA started with a collie because of Sunnybank and APT.

A few years ago the TSM also tried to raise signs, and let our hero Albert Payson Terhune be on a stamp, but they rejected to. 2016 must be the year of APT. So I myself have also started collecting signs. And it goes pretty well. Altough it is a tough job over here in the Netherlands, many many collie people don't know about Terhune, and since I'm not able to write about him in our Dutch collie magazine anymore, it is not an easy job.

In the meantime I did…

My older collie drawings

Sometimes, when I'm inspired, and have the time I draw, and most of the time it will involve a collie, altough I do draw other things, I always put a dog into it.
This is one of my earliest drawing of a collie,
I have much improved over the years, luckily. In the  period I made this I didn't even put dates to my art and drawings.
That is actually a big shame because I wouldn't know when I made it.

But anyway this is the first one

This is also an oldie, I made this one out of a booklet by a Danish Judge.
I think this is a collie from the Milas kennels, it was such a lovely picture I had to dry drawing it.

The shape of the collie is for me one of the nicest things to draw, but also very challenging, because I know the breed so well, I will try to make the shape look as perfect as possible

Lara's Gift

I love to read! And I can say that there is a great collection of all kinds of books in my house.
Most of them are informationbooks on how to take care of your dog, history of the breed and things like that. But I do have some storiebooks aswel, and no, they are not only by Albert Payson Terhune.

I really would like you to know the book Lara's Gift, by Annemarie O'Brien.
It is a beautifull storie, of a young girl, that is working with the borzoi's toghether with her dad.
She can continue this work and she tinks she will Always be a caretaker of the dogs, until she gets a baby brother, then she knows she has to be girly and behave like a lady.
The storie is set in Russia, where the lovely breed ofcouse comes from.

When I bought it, I was just in love with the cover of the book, that was actually the reason for buying it, but once I started reading I couldn't put it down. I must have read it one way trough, and felt so alike as Lara, the girl in the book.

It is a hardcov…

Showevent on my trainingsschool

Yesterday we had our showevent, at the dogschool I train with all of our dogs.
It was the third time she organized this, and for me the third time to enter our dogs. This year I was trying 3 of them. Lucky and Star both in puppieclass, and Anna in Championclass.
Very very early we had to get out of bed, (normally we go with our mobilehome, and we are already at the showgrounds a day ahead) and the doggies where a bit confused, but also not very awake.

And like there is a curse on outdoorshows for me, it was raining, again. So early driving and then setting up our business. We have been doing such shows for years every summer so it is a piece of cake to set up our stuff.

This event was not like a normal show, each ring had a conformation Judge, who was actually going over the dogs, and there was a handling Judge who was at the side of the ring taking notes on my ringbehaviour, how I was dressed, and how I presented the dogs.
I think the jugde imediatly fell in love with our borzoi girl…

The coming of Scarlett

Today is a great day to remember, to me then. It is the day that we picked up our Scarlett at the airport. The road to the airport was not that long, but the journey we had to get Scarlett was a bit longer.

We had been showing for a long while and we really wanted to have some puppies of our own, so we went on with our first Star to the vets to go check all out, and she was free from all things we could test at that time, so we aranged a dog for her and we tried to get puppies. (the arrangement took longer that one line but this is a storie of Scarlett, and not of Star)
After several tries and a few years later, Star wasn't able to get puppies and I was really disappointed.

In the meantime I had been learning more about the breed, and I found that I couldn't have puppies with Star, I would turn in another direction. This led me to Canada. (and America also)
I found that collies over here where not really looking close to what I found was the breedstandard, and me being me, I d…

My drawing of Anice Terhune in the Lookout

Today again I share some small Sunnybank treasure of mine. A few years back I made a drawing of Anice Terhune and posted it on our Sunnybank facebook page. I got a few requests made to send the drawing to person who is chairman of the TSM, Terhune Sunnybank Memorial. I did so, and forgot about the drawing.

After a year, or even more, I forgot, the drawing of Anice Terhune (wife to Albert Payson Terhune, and the Mistress in the books) was even send to the TSM, and then The Lookout came, it is a small newsletter that is coming out every 6 months, with great Sunnybank news, about the place and history and such. And on the second page was my drawing. I was absolutely thrilled when I saw it. My drawing in my favorite newsletter.
And then they also called the cool women who are doing awsome stuff WOW, Women of Wisteria!!! That sounded so awsome. I never thought my silly drawing skills could bring me this.

If you want more info on the Lookout, or even order the new book Red Ruin By Albert …

My second Sunnybank storie

This upcoming weekend there will be a great Gathering on Sunnybank, sadly for me it is way over in the US, and I cannot travel there so much. ( I've been in the US this year, but that is another storie)
And as I was briefly writing for our breedclub about Sunnybank, I will today share my second storie.

I hope you like it....

Here's my second writing for the dutch collieclub!

A little beginnining,

Albert Payson Terhune was born on december 21th 1872 in Newark, that is about 20 miles from Sunnybank. Hij was de youngest son of reverend Edward Payson Terhune, and writer Mary Virginia Hawes Terhune. Albert was born as the 8 years after his siblings, and because of he was born on thebirthday of his mother, he called him the greatest gift the ever received.
Writing was in the blood of Albert, his mom was a famous writer, who wrote a lot of great books, under the name Marion Harland. Also the sisters of Albert wrote some and even his daughter
Lorraine, you can tell it is a real writing f…

Lad a dog, my first Sunnybank writing

Last year I was very inspired, as our collieclub was in trouble finding people who could write for our magazine, I tried to make a series on Albert Payson Terhune, and the Sunnybank collies. Unfortunatly it ended after a few writings. I know I'm stubborn but the people on the other end who made the magazine where not easy also.
Here is my first writing for the club.


A collie who saves a child from a poisoned snake, who gets his misstress out of the lake and saves her from drowning, and then staying before her bedroomdoor, during her illness without wanting to leave her doorstep.
It kinda sounds like Lassie, but it is Lad.

Lad is originally written as a series of short stories, that has been published in magazines like Ladies home journal and Saturday evening post.

Albert Payson Terhune started to write his stories about Lad in 1915, and they where very appealling to aswel adults as childeren, so it was a big shock when Lad died in 1918.
In 1919 they put all togheter the stories, …

Dogshow Bremen

This weekend we where in Bremen Germany, and If you also read my blog on my kennel, you probably saw that it was a great one, with super results.
But what you didn't see was the great trip we had.

Bremen has a super dogshow, and it is held in an awsome Messe. We travel by mobilehome, and I always find the camping facilities super. And behind the big Messe there is a great hotel, with behind that a terrific park, you can spend hours walking there.

So when we arived in Bremen (we did not have traffic yay) we fed the dogs, ate some ourselves, and then set foot to the park. It was really lovely wheater, not too hot, but just warm enough to leave your coats at home. We have been there for a few hours, and we met some great colliepeople there!! They told us they would support us the next day at show, esspecially Vivien, they loved how she looked.

At the end of our walking trip I wasn't sure Vivien would do all good at show, because her complete coat was in tangles with sticks and le…

Woefbox August

It is time for the woefbox again!!! It arived today, and ofcourse I was very curious what was in there.
The dogs are also very curious, they cannot stop and snif on the box.
This time I lett Star pose with the box before I unpacked it.

This month it contained alot of great goodies again.
So we are again ready to spoil them the rest of the month.

So what it in it this month

1 big pack of Renske dry food, with fishflavour
1 pack of Dental care sticks, I know this is for one week for one dog, but I think it will be just the whole package on 1 day, for all the dogs!!
1 package of dried chickenstrips, cowslungs, and chickenbones (those to with me to show)
1 package of pigears, I know Anna will love them.
A very awsome toy, that looks like a frog.
A poopbagdispenser, with poopiebags.
And a little jar with minicookies, I think I will use those on trainingsessions
And last but not least a tryalsize bottle of greenfields dogshampoo.

I'm very happy again with all of the stuff I got, and I c…